Time Squared |A bit of the story

Arriving soon at the end of Time Squared development , we decided to begin to communicate on the game. To start, here is a bit of the story.

Time Squared is a First Person Shooter game taking place in 1984, a time where the cold war was pretty “hot” 🙂 ! You will play as TALIS, an experienced soldier working for the A.S.A (AeroSpatial Army), which is a branch of the NASA.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll receive a briefing by the Colonel about your mission. You’ll have to parachute above a island where a group named “Bonis Mundi” has taken control. The intels were pretty clear about something. They are creating a very powerful weapon ! But we don’t know anything about it ! Your goal is simple, get intels on the weapon and the tech they used to create it.

But, of course something happens ! While you were getting ready in the plane to jump, a kind of EMP explosion makes your plane crash. When you wake up, you’re alone. You don’t have a weapon and SERMO (your mission operator) tells you that no EVAC team will come for you. You don’t have a choice but to continue alone and to jump into an adventure that you won’t forget !

Soon we’ll talk about the gameplay.

Be Squared

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